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challenger chris christie. president obama and gop members also up for the garden state campaign. next, the race in virginia is also attracting attention because obama turned that state last year. democrats hope to keep it in their column. we will have more in a minute. now to new york state, where there has been a lot of action in the 23rd district, which traditionally vote republican. from seattle to miami, there are racists for mares -- races for mayor. now let's get you back to richmond with chief political correspondent carl cameron. mcdonnell has a comfortable lead in the polls. how confident is he this morning? >> first, polls generally in the first few days before the election become increasingly meaningless. it is obviously preceded by a weekend, but most pollsters will tell you their numbers are too hard to be reliable, and all the activities are there. this has been a race in which the republican has made a big issue of the obama administration and the agenda in washington. bob mcdonnell made the point that he thought the national debate across the potomac at the capitol and
the detainee's @ gitat gitmo? jon: republicans take the governor's seats in two states carried easily by obama last year. the biggest surprise was in new jersey, he became the garden state's first republican governor in more than one decade. in virginia bob macdonald trounces his democratic opponent by a margin of 18 points, even winning suburban washington, d.c. counties that went for the president in november. the white house press secretary said that the president is disappointed that his friend jon corzine was not reelected and that the democratic candidate in virginia had always been an underdog. the president did not watch election results last night, instead he took in an hbo special on the campaign that resulted in his election one year ago. carl, break it down for us. any similarities between what happened in virginia and new jersey? >> you have got to wonder what the president was watching from 2008 that was so fascinating that it was more fascinating than the votes being cast in 2009. first of all, the economy and all of that encompasses was on the mind of a vast majority of voters.
. campaignering president obama making his third stop to the garden state over the weekend, lending his support to the democratic incumbent governor, jon corzine. meantime, gop stars like rudy giuliani are stumping for the republican challenger. the democratic candidate for governor in virginia is facing an uphill battle right now. we have team fox coverage on at all. shannon is live in new jersey. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in richmond, virginia. let's go first to shannon. the latest poll offers hope to christie and his supporters, but is it all good news? >> it is kind of a toss up because the republican challenger does go ahead. the incumbentfor them when theye bush actually decide to go for someone else, so we pushed, as they would choose one of the other two, more of them went with cprzome than christie. -- more of them went with corzine than christie. bill: what is the mood like in these two camps as we get ready for this vote tomorrow? >> because this race is so tight, well within the margin of error, it could go either way. both candidates still in areas. chris c
obama is on his way to afford to participate in a memorial for the shooting victims there. disturbing new details emerging about the background of the suspects, including electronic communications with a radical muslim cleric in yemen. officials confirmed that major hasan 10 cents or 20 e-mails -- hasan sent 10 or 20 e-mails. they conducted an assessment of hasan but decided he did not pose a threat. the imam is used his website to encourage muslims and on the world. major hasan is recovering from his wounds. he is said to be talking to his doctors and his lawyer. we are learning this morning he will be tried in a military court. let's get to rick, who is on hand for the memorial service there. >> the service is to begin three hours from now. you might be able to see a crowd of media behind me waiting to be screened to get inside. the service described to us as being a traditional memorial service. it will feature an invitation from the chapel and remarks from the base commander, from the army chief of staff, and also president obama. it will, of course, honor the 13 who were killed -
obama media with the president of china after holding a town hall with students in shanghai. the big topic of conversation was the internet access. jon: major developments in the plan to bring gitmo detainees into the u.s. federal officials from the bureau of prisons and the pentagon are visiting the thomson correctional center in illinois. the maximums omaximum-security prison might be used to house suspected terrorists currently housed at guantanamo bay. governor cquinn says they could create thousands of jobs. not all illinois lawmakers are on board with the idea. some question the wisdom of bringing al-qaeda suspects to their state. in 30 minutes from now, they will make their voices heard. catherine herridge is following all the developments for us from washington. what do we know about this illinois prison? >> it would bring probably hundreds if not thousands of jobs to the local area. since the story started surfacing over the weekend, we have seen some signs of local opposition. people question whether there community can handle up to 100 detainees in that part of the country
jane: president obama is nearing the end of his trip to asia. he will sit down with major garrett and you will hear part parts of that interview just minutes from now. gretchen: and inside a t.j. maxx store, a gunman was held was holding hostages for more than four hours. jane: and the crew took off to drop off spare parts to the international space station. let's start with major developments on capitol hill. there are live pictures of attorney general eric holder testifying about the senate judiciary i committee. you see russ feingold of wisconsin there. the attorney general is being peppered with questions on a decision to try these alleged 9/11 co-conspirators in federal court in new york city. holder has spent the morning defending the move. take a listen. >> as soon as we get, that we will play it for you, but first let's get to catherine herridge in d.c. and she has been watching every moment of these hearings. what have we heard from eric holder? >> there are striking moments in the testimony, first and foremost, the attorney general has repeatedly described the administra
they missed? jon: president obama credited china with helping to pull the u.s. out of recession. he and the chinese president pledged cooperation despite divisive issues like human rights. jane: who should get a mammogram and at what age? one of the big question is going forward, will your insurance continue to pay for mammograms? bill: there has been -- jon: there has been an earthquake in british columbia. >> of what they are telling me is that this is off the coast of british columbia, not far from the island chain of prince rupert. the good news is that it is not near a huge populated area. but it is still an estimated 6.6, as confirmed by the usgs, a pretty big earthquake. as i was told by the scientists moments ago, the population is pretty low in that area. they're holding out hope that this will have very little effect on the people. right now there are no official tsunami warnings. back to you guys. bill: -- jon: thank you. jane: the administration is putting 9/11 terror suspects on trial in civilian court. this is sparking the divisions in multiples circles. just blocks fr
-camera session was robert gibbs, where he says that president obama in an oval office meeting yesterday at 5:00 p.m. with defense secretary robert gates, secretary of state hillary clinton, general david petraeus, the top general for the afghan/pakistan region, and also the chairman of the joint chiefs, issued his orders on its strategy on the way forward in afghanistan, so he did not want to get too far ahead of the president's speech, but we know that those orders were issued late yesterday, 5:00 p.m., in the oval office. regarding australia, we are told president obama will not be asking australia to send more troops to the conflict in afghanistan. the aussies had 1550 troops. prime minister read says he feels that is about the right number -- prime minister rudd. the president is reaching out to allies for more troops. we have been told him for the president will not ask australia specifically for more because they have already given more than any other non-nato country. jane: talk about the domestic politics involved back at home for the speech tomorrow. >> it is interesting. if you walk --
, including a psychiatry exam and a rubberstamp with hasan's name on it. jane: president obama is headed to alaska out for a rally with troops in anchorage before heading to japan. 502,000 new unemployment claims were filed for the first week of this month, and the president announced that he will be holding a job summit at the white house. take a listen. >> we will gather small-business owners, ceo's, representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups, to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again. jane: jenna, where are we as far as unemployment and where we need to be? >> layoffs have slowed down, but hiring has not picked up. although we saw the number of first-time unemployment filings drop to just above 500,000, the four-week moving average is 520,000, and we need at more -- we need more and more unemployment filings reduced during each week to get the number down. that is one trend we're seeing. we are also seeing more americans filing for unemployment, fewer americans collecting benefits. what that means is that you have more people l
that and only willing to provide 5000, and great britain's defense minister said that president obama simply waited too long and now it is harder to rally public support. was that a factor? >> i talked about this quite a bit on sky news. frankly, i think it is just a drain on them and us. they have suffered heavy losses, it is as we have. so there is an issue regarding why we are there. president obama does 0 us and allies a reason why we are there to achieve victory in some form and sell that with a clear, concise plan. it is his job to set the strategy towards victory. frankly, i hope that he breaks the previous chain of things which resulted in this rehashing of the same policies and issues, just putting a different face on that. i hope he breaks it and puts us on a path to victory. i'm skeptical at this time based on everything i have heard. we must train military and police forces, and also find a way to pay for it. you can find offsets. gregg: assuming the president can convince us to do that. we will talk and a few minutes about that subject. good to see you. shannon: coming up next h
. shannon: as president obama unveils his war plan, he will tell the nation about his vision for afghanistan, so what will his strategy look like? gregg: iran shaking its best at the world, raising concern that tehran plans to build a nuclear weapon. iran is responding with the fines after the iaea issued a reprimand. 25 nations backed the resolution censuring iran, demanding that they and operation that a nuclear plant that they kept secret for years. steve centanni is in washington. what was significant about this vote, if anything? >> it shows for the first time strong international unity against their nuclear program. the vote came this morning in vienna. china and russia were never completely on board with this kind of strong statement against iran in the past, but now they are. a u.s. official says this sends a strong signal about iran's continued noncompliance and said it resulted from an intense amount of diplomatic work. hillary clinton making more than a dozen calls in the past couple of days. "the washington post" reported that it was washington lobbying that convinced china to ma
with a democratic lawmaker on what happens next. president obama now on his way back to washington, d.c. after wrapping up his ten-day trip to asia this morning in south korea. before he left, the president said the u.s. is now speaking with allies about new sanctions for iran. the president is reacting to iran's refusal of a deal to ship its low enriched uranium to russia for processing. doing so would have allayed fears that iran was trying to develop a nuclear weapon. jane: to afghanistan where president karzai took the oath of office at the presidential palace in kabul. in his inauguration address, car car karzai promised to tackle government corruption and says his security forces should take the lead in fighting insurgents with the goal of taking over security completely in the next five years. a bomber has killed 19 outside of a pakistani courthouse. 51 other people were hurt. a government official says that the suicide bomber arrived at the building in a taxi and detonated explosives while being searched by police. this bombinging was the 7th in less than two weeks in the peshwar area.
see president obama lay a reef on the tomb of the unknowns. one of the most somber opportunities of all presidents to mark on this day every year. shortly after the reef laying, the president will be making remarks at the auditorium at torlington. we will carry those for you -- arlington. we will carry those for you live. ["the star-spangled banner] ♪ >> right shoulder. >> present. halt. [gunshots] ♪ [taps playing] jon: and as the president exits the area of the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery just across the river from washington, d.c., he will be heading to the memorial auditorium there where he will be making more remarks on this veterans day. we will take you back there live when those remarks begin. jane: well, the president will be meeting with his national security team and they will be considering our future strategy in afghanistan. it's been three months now since the commander there, general stanley mcchrystal, called for more troops. we're told the president is considering four options today. let's get to carol ine at the white house. what do we
. back to you. ha ha jane: in half an hour, prest obama will comment at fort hood. >> there are two horrible new stories out there, with a lot of americans waking up shocked and saddened by the instrument at fort hood and the recognition that unemployment has jumped above the 10% mark, so president obama will make the case in 30 minutes or so that both he and his team are on the case in terms of both stories, both terrible stories, to reassure the american people that people are concerned about the way forward in afghanistan and the president is expected to make a decision on that soon. obviously there are great concerns about the economy, so that is the context of the president going forward to make remarks this morning. jane: do we expect a similar tone? new details? >> one would expect a town expressing horror as commander in chief. it is difficult enough to lose soldiers in combat, but to happen on a base, one would expect he would have a commitment to say that this would never happen again and he will do everything in his power to make for it does not, and also to reassure the
. the obama administration continues to pledge it will balance the budget. the country has been in the red for several years after the budget surpluses at the turn of the century. now the obama administration is considering using the federal bailout money to reduce the debt. joining me now is an editor from "wall street journal." can you explain how this works? >> not really. in will take a long time because they have done themselves a deep hjole. spending increases for 2010 that congress is considering is 12%. so now they are going to propose -- this is like after a blowout thanksgiving, i am going to start to eat less now. jon: how does the government pay off its debt with government money? $210 billion in t.a.r.p. money? >> we paying t.a.r.p. is fine. that is ok and necessary. it would be better if they shut down t.a.r.p. altogether. some of the banks are going to pay back t.a.r.p., and that is ok, but at the same time, they are still spending like crazy on other parts of the budget. the only way we can really get the deficit down is to control spending across the board. jon: is this a
the obama's stimulus package. no. two, they said they did not even know that he was in the state. jane: is this earlier than usual in that state? >> typically the head-to-head competition does not get going until after the legislature convenes,. the primary is not until august, but with these poll numbers tightening the race, they feel it is time to start going. >> people deserve to know the facts. >> i think he has got a credibility crisis he is trying to address. for us, it is not a problem. >> this race is now becoming a battle. the incumbent has more than $6 billion to spend on this battle, and his opponent has just raised his first million. a long way out, but it is more than was expected. jon: the ethics committee have now admonished roland burris, basically matching to a slap on the wrist, according to art a senate producer. the letter says that he should be held to a higher standard of accountability, giving incorrect statements. rod blagojevich appointed burris to the head of state -- senate seat, and there was controversy about how he got it. once again, a spot on the wrist f
, this has to come as a blow to the obama white house by the fact that this is not a vote of confidence in our ability to remain in control security in kabul, which is equivalent to the green zone of iraq. jon: there was an attack in iraq that killed an ambassador years ago, but iraq settle down eventually. is there a moral? >> i was just on your sister network, sky news, yesterday, talking about british fighters killed there. we have to take a serious look at security. one thing recognized as the need to enhance internal security. we need to take it seriously, or we will lose our ability to stabilize the economy and the people and frankly, we have to look to the united nations and their civilian employees to do much of that stability work. we cannot use soldiers for the purposes of going to villages and helping the government, setting up apparatus. we have to look to the united nations to do that and get partnership between nato and the primary united nations organization in afghanistan to enhance their ability to create security and work parallel to each other. jon: it looks like karz
: the health care reform bill managed to squeak by over the weekend, and now president obama is urging the senate to ground the baton and finish. majority leader harry reid seems to be facing an uphill battle. let's talk about whether this will pass the senate were not with the chairman of gopac. kelly dingell is a democratic consultant. kelly, this thing and barely got through the house. all indications are it will be tougher in the senate. do you think it has a chance? >> it does have a chance. republicans agree that we can agree on a 80% of what is in the bill. you should be able to get covered with a pre-existing condition. there should not be any caps on your coverage. we can all agree we should close the doughnut hole that existed in the medicare drug program. these are all provisions that will be in any bill coming from the senate. if we can focus on those things we agree on, absolutely we can get things done. of course, fringe groups on either side will continue to critique this. if we start talking about things like the public option, this will get off the rails. if we can foc
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